Auto Play Tips for Online Slots

Auto play means exactly what the name suggests. It allows an online casino player to play the slot game without manual interaction with any buttons. By suing this feature player can play the almost game automatically while engaging in other tasks. Another advantage is that, it can relatively speed up the game. Almost all modern online casinos provide the auto play feature for the clients.

When a player uses auto play feature, it places the same bet on behalf of the player. It does not allow changing in any parameters like bet size, number of coins etc. in general, people play the online slot to have fun. In the recent years, the audio visual appeals of these games have been boosted tremendously. The animations are getting better and better. Unfortunately, the auto play features does not allow to enjoy these audio visuals because the game plays at a fast pace while auto play is active. So players who want to enjoy the animations should avoid auto play.

The most important parameter in auto play is the number of auto spins. While executing the auto play the player has to set the number of spins. The first thing to keep in mind is that the spins made in auto play are not free spins. For every spin the player's balance will be debited. Selecting the number of auto spin depends on two factors. The first one is of course the player's bankroll and the second one is the time the player wants to spend on auto spin. In online slot games there are some bonus features which are required to choose by the player. If such a bonus feature appears while the game is in auto play mode, the game will pause automatically till the choices are made.